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New Nano Technology

Nanoc BV specializes in applying a Nano coating developed under our own label for industrial applications.

From solutions on camera systems to piping and extinguishing systems. We were regularly asked whether we had any solutions to protect a certain surface against corrosion, contamination, rapid aging, moisture or deposits.
Together with various loboratories in and outside the Netherlands, we have found the right basic composition and application technique to solve almost any surface problem by treating it with our NANO COATING. Naturally, years of testing preceded this. You can't think of it that way or we will find the right composition to protect your object against the weather conditions mentioned above.
The applications of our nano coatings are virtually infinite and resistant up to a temperature of up to 1800˚C.

Nanoc BV is best known for industrial applications. Yet we are increasingly seeing emergency services, municipalities, boat and motorhome owners asking us to protect their property against dirt and discolorations. As a result, we see requests for wood, glass, stone, metals and special applications such as emergency services vehicles, tunnels and traffic signs coming to us. Periodic cleaning of traffic signs costs millions per year. By protecting them with our nano coating, the plates stay clean for longer and therefore need to be cleaned less quickly. This means lower costs and less inconvenience.
Nano coating can be applied to floating roofs of tank storage companies.
Nanoc BV has also developed a special treatment method for extinguishing systems so that we can clean and protect existing pipes

More and more we see that the added value of nano coating is appreciated and that we are present in the most exciting places. Today you can find us in the chemical industry, container handling companies and large transport and port organizations.
Due to the unique properties of Nano coating, Nanoc BV is in conversation with high-quality Italian speedboat manufacturers.

Skilled employees
To be able to think along, we regularly participate in a design team and together with you we can find the right solution. Not only do we think along with you during the initiation phase, but also during the application process, our specialists are committed to achieving the best results.

Advantages of Nano coating are:
- You save considerably on cleaning costs and
- Nano coating ensures a longer service life of the treated object.

If, as a result of our conversation, or our website, you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment immediately, please contact us.


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